Download ChordPulse 2.3 released full serial

ChordPulse is a backing band and a musical sketchpad to practice, improvise and compose in a new way...


  - the software works as a full accompaniment, a drum machine
       with bass, a chords-only background, and other combinations
  - 178 music styles to build your backing tracks
  - 36 chord types + inversions + slash chords
  - exceptionally easy-to-use and responsive interface
  - change music styles on the fly
  - change chords, tempo, song key on the fly
  - arrangement points to define breaks, endings, or variations
       at any beat in your backing tracks
  - repeat all/page/off modes + optional fade out
  - precount and loop functions
  - metronome with optional bass and chord notes
  - master tune + reference tones for tuning instruments
  - export your backing music to standard midi files
  - 100-step undo, redo and action history
  - smooth chord transitions with automatic inversions
  - chord length can be changed in 1/4 bar steps
  - structure chord progressions effectively on chord pages
  - 36 chord pages, 80 slots in page sequence per session
  - each chord page can hold up to 16 bars of music
  - over 60 preset chord progressions
  - over 70 sample sessions (including 15 technical examples)
  - small installation footprint (5 MB)

  System requirements
  - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating system
  - Administrator rights to install and run ChordPulse
  - Works only with the English alphabet for folders, file names,
       and any text input/output in general
  - General MIDI compatible software or hardware synthesizer
  - 1 GHz or faster processor
  - 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
  - 64 MB of free RAM

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